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At Toronto SEO Specialist (TSS), we have a complex, interrelated Search Engine Ranking Process. As professionals in SEO, we know the importance of setting a benchmark, a goal, and making regular adjustments. This is why before applying any SEO technique, we first run an audit or diagnostic check on your website as is to give us an idea of where you stand right now.

Our Services 

seo services

Search Engine Optimization

At Toronto SEO Specialist (TSS) we offer search engine optimization work as either a package or as individual services depending on what you need. We can run On-Page SEO, combination of content curation and editing as well as Technical SEO, or we can solely on Technical SEO by restructuring your website design and script.

webdesign services

Web Design

An aspect of On-Page SEO, we also offer Web Design service to customers who want their websites looking great as well as making sure their customers have a good user experience on the site. We optimize sites to be mobile-friendly, as well as being easier to navigate. It’s not purely about aesthetics either as we also work on your page hierarchy too.

internet marketing services

Internet Marketing

Through various social media platforms and advertising methods, we can help get your site and page more visibility. Aside from simply having yout site rank up on SERPs to raise the chance of someone popping into your page, we also make sure that people can see your page while they’re simply scrolling along their feeds.

Why you need Toronto SEO Specialist

If traditional marketing tactics and advertising works for offline/physical stores, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the online version of it. With so many businesses setting up space online through various media platforms and websites, there is now a battle amongst industries to make sure their website is what people click on rather than competitors’.

When a potential customer searches something online, regardless of what search engine they’re using, the method is pretty much the same. Search engines like Google and Bing will make use of search engine bots or crawlers to go through a large amount of websites and pages and then organize them according to relevancy and authority of the site. The higher up your site or page is on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the greater the chance of this potential customer becoming your customer.

Search Engine Optimization is the multitude of processes that ensure a person’s website ranks higher on SERPs by fixing up the very foundation of the website and its structure and design, as well as by managing its actual content and the relationship it has with other sites in the same niche and industry.

Why your business needs SEO

Now, as a business owner, you want to make sure that people who are interested in the industry you are in go to your store to make purchases instead of a competitors’. Online businesses invest a lot into advertising and SEO to make sure that when a customer goes searching for something, they come acrosss their webpage and stay there instead of going on and looking at other sites. This has to be your goal too as a business owner. You don’t just want an online presence, but you want to be “the” presence out there in terms of your niche.

You want to rank higher on SERPs so that people come across your website first, but you also want to have quality content driven towards translating this traffic into actual sales. And this is where Search engine optimization comes in. Through SEO, people will chance upon your site more, be able to move around it with ease, go through the quality content on it, and then actually make purchases on your site.

TSS Search Engine process

The TSS Search Engine Ranking Process

At Toronto SEO Specialist (TSS), we have a complex, interrelated Search Engine Ranking Process. As professionals in SEO, we know the importance of setting a benchmark, a goal, and making regular adjustments. This is why before applying any SEO technique, we first run an audit or diagnostic check on your website as is to give us an idea of where you stand right now. Then, we do research on your competitors and industry to see what others are doing, how extensive their SEO is, as well as what keywords and content work for them. Only after this initial stage do we incorporate SEO both on your page and off of it, meaning everything from the basic design and structure of the website down to its content and interaction. We don’t stop there. We also run monthly audits to see how well your site is progressing, and make alterations when needed. This is the TSS Search Engine Ranking Process that is sure to deliver results.

The Toronto SEO Specialist Search Engine Ranking Process is a highly personalized process. There is no one-size-fits-all kind of solution for SEO because all businesses have different philosophies and goals, as well as due to the differences among and between niches and industries. Something that works for the skincare industry may not necessarily work for the literature industry. It also depends on the size and scale of your business too. This is exactly why the initial diagnostic auditing as well as the monthly SEO reporting we provide you is crucial for you to gain actual results.

Website Audit

Website Auditing is all about checking on where your website stands before any SEO work is done. At Toronto SEO Specialist, we look into how much traffic your site is generating, how high you currently rank on SERPs, and how many backlinks you have. Any data and statistic gathered here serves as your benchmark by which TSS can measure your growth and improvement through our monthly reporting. This is also a great way for you to see what has been hindering you from gaining more traffic.

If you have been implementing search engine optimization either by yourself or through another agency and haven’t been seeing much results, this is also where Toronto SEO Specialist can determining why as well as identify specific techniques for you and your website. Website Auditing is important because it is how we can make a custom plan just for your business as well as for your particular niche and industry.

Competitor Research

One of the best ways to find out what you should be doing to improve your site is to look at what your competitors are doing. In the TSS search engine ranking process, this is where we find a number of competitor sites and look up their statistics in SEO. Through this, we can gain a picture of what SEO tactics work best in this particular niche, as well as what doesn’t work or even hinder you from gaining the traffic that you need. This is also a benchmark statistic to see how much your website is growing based on comparison.

Some common statistics we look for are domain ranking, backlink amounts, how fast backlinks are purchased, quality of backlink domains, traffic, and keyword relevancy. Generally, the more websites and pages are linking back to you, or referring traffic your way, the more traffic you gain. Search Engine Crawlers tend to favor sites with higher traffic and backlinks to those without as these sites have more authority in this niche. And this is something that TSS will work on for your site.

Keyword Research

Every business niche or industry has different keywords that work for them. These keywords are what search engine bots and crawlers look for one a search query is made. So the more relevant your keywords are to the query, the higher the potential of your website ranking higher on SERPs. Keyword research is important as it is very niche specific, as well as crucial in terms of building your reliability and visibility as a website.

These keywords will be incorporated into your website itself as well as the actual content within your site. It’s also important to make sure your multimedia content has meta descriptions that contain relevant keywords too so that search engines are able to read these content too and rank you higher on SERPs based on that.

On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be divided into two main categories– On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is all about your website’s foundation and basic script as well as everything on the actual site. It has to do with your website design and structure and all content that can be found on your website. In terms of website design and structure, this is all under Technical SEO, mainly because it is truly technical and intricate, although no-nonsense in the actual concept.

As for the content that can be seen on your website, you want to make sure that all web content is geared towards attracting traffic, getting search engine bots and crawlers to rank you higher, as well as to actually get this traffic to translate into actual sales. Toronto SEO Specialist makes sure that all content and media on your website is curated and geared towards garnering traffic and making sales by ensuring it has proper headings, incorporates relevant keywords, as well as follow the basic Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion content.

Awareness Content are those articles and posts that show people what your brand, products, and services are all about. Consideration content show people why your products and services are better than others, most of the time through comparison posts and even videos. And then finally, Conversion content is what drives people from potential customers into actual buyers by convincing them to make the final purchase.

Technical SEO

Mentioned just a while ago, Technical SEO is under On-Page SEO since it deals with aspects on the website itself. Technical search engine optimization works with your website design and structure. Search Engine Bots and Crawlers prefer faster websites as well as websites that are easy to crawl. So at TSS, we make sure your website speed is optimized through an alternate hosting platform, as well as by proper caching and alteration of your core script. Afterwards, we also make sure that there is proper hierarchy of your webpages so that a search engine can crawl through your site from page to page more efficiently. This is also why TSS takes care of your dead-end and broken links too so that everything is interconnected properly. You do not want a crawler to be following links only to end up with a broken page.

Another important aspect of Technical SEO is website design. Not only is this important for the sake of ranking higher on SERPs, but it is also crucial in terms of keeping your potential customers on your page long enough to make a sale. People want to be able to actually move around and navigate your website with ease. They need to be able to look for what they want without complications so that they can actually make a purchase. At Toronto SEO Specialist, we take care of website design to ensure smooth loading and easy navigation. We also make sure your website is mobile-friendly since most people make searches and purchases on their mobile devices now. You want to be user-friendly to raise customer satisfaction.

Off Page SEO

Once Toronto SEO Specialist is done working on the basic foundation of your site as well as the contents within, we turn our attention to Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO is search engine optimization that is done outside of your website. As you may have read a while back during the competitor audit section, backlinks are crucial for increasing traffic and authority of your site. You want to have other reliable and quality websites linking back to your website, essentially driving traffic your way. There are roughly two ways to go about backlinking. You can either create, own, and run other websites in the same or related niche or industry that can link back to your main website, or you can collaborate and work with other websites by referring back to each other.

Aside from backlinking, just plain referrals and advertising work just as well too. Search Engine Optimization is essentially also marketing. Now, internet marketing allows us to put your website out there not just on SERPs but also on social media platforms and feeds so that people can chance upon your website without even looking for it directly. This is all part of Off Page Search Engine Optimization as part of the Toronto SEO Specialist Search Engine Ranking Process.

SEO Report (Monthly)

Growth is very important in Search Engine Optimization. So at Toronto SEO Specialist, we measure this growth monthly using the original website audit as well as competitor research statistics as the initial benchmark. Afterwards, we use each report to analyze new areas of improvement as well as areas for improvement. This is how TSS can then tweak and alter the SEO work done for your specific website to maximize growth and development. This is also an important part of the Search Engine Ranking Process at TSS because you can actually see figures that depict how well your site is doing, how much traffic it is generating, how much visibility and authority is has, and how high you rank on SERPs. All Key Performance Indicators are run over with individual clients, even couple with actual sales figures too to determine how much of the traffic is actually converted into figures in sales.