What is HTML sitemap in SEO? When you developed your website for the very first time, you probably thought that one drop-down menu is enough to access all of the pages in it. But, as you add more pages and other complex additions, it can sometimes lead to a web page that is not linked from anywhere at all.

For this reason, you will need a main central list of all links in your site for you to easily keep track of everything. This is what the role of HTML sitemap in SEO is all about – this serves as the central blueprint of an entire website.


What is HTML Sitemap in SEO?


XML sitemaps are exclusively written to help search engines understand your website. On the other hand, HTML sitemaps are written to become user-friendly.

Every time a visitor to your site clicks on this sitemap, they will most likely try to look for a specific page that is not part of any easy to access links on the primary landing page. Although the XML sitemap is useful, coming up with an HTML sitemap also helps SEO while simultaneously providing visitors with a convenient table of contents.

Developing an HTML site map is not difficult in your web management and web hosting software but you can add more value in terms of organization. Hiring someone who can come up with a tiered and organized system of pages wherein people can organize and add pages with ease in the future, will enable you to make your site more usable for your your site visitors.


Best practices


Most SEOs agree that it a good practice to get rid of pages that are not connected to anything else. It is also advisable to watch out for missing areas wherein you can acquire more website traffic if there is a page there. The HTML sitemap lets you look at the bigger picture of your website so as to help you make the necessary improvements.


HTML Sitemap and Its Impact on SEO


Take note that search engines always crawl websites wherein they explore your website content and categorize this in ways that can help them show this to searchers at the most relevant moments. If you got a strong HTML sitemap in place, these crawlers will be able to categorize and understand your website easier and faster. If these crawlers know how to categorize your website, it will boost your visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


Internal Link


Internal linking is a great way to maximize the time visitors spend on your website clicking through the rest of the pages and is also a strong marker for SEO purposes.


An HTML sitemap will link your site together in order to boost your internal linking for the purpose of SEO and create a more interconnected site – Banana SEO


This will also making website navigation so much easier which is regarded as a big plus in today’s SEO world.

With a good HTML sitemap in place, it will be easier for you to meet the needs of your customers. A clear sitemap lets you check for missing items on your website and ensure that they are added to help end users get whatever they were searching for.


Sitemap for users


Aside from having a sitemap for crawlers, it is highly recommend to have a sitemap for users as well, this is simply a web page with links to all the important pages on your website. Some people might find it hard navigating through a website because of the layout or design, hence, why having a sitemap on the site is important.


Wrap up


If you have any question regarding sitemaps and SEO, reach out to us. A member of our team will respond to you accordingly.

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